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News 2012

Norwegian delegation visits SunErgy

The Norwegian delegation visiting Cameroon, November 7-12th also participated in the signing of the “Land-Lease Agreement between MAGZI and SunErgy Cameroon and the following lunch. SunErgy has entered into a fifty year agreement of leasing 6000 m2 land and 950 m2 buildings from the Republic of Cameroon through its Mission d `Amenagement et de Gestion des Zones Industrielle (MAGZI), where SunErgy will have its head quarter, warehouse and a mechanical plant for the building of its “turn-key container based solar power plants” to be placed in the ninety villages participating in the project. (30.11.2012)



Norwegian solar energy experts received at the PM’s office

Members of a high-powered Norwegian delegation specialized in the domain of solar energy have unveiled their vision to build solar energy plants in some villages in the south-west region of Cameroon. The Norwegian team’s vision to provide the local population with electricity, cable television and internet, through the solar energy plant was made known during an audience granted them by Prime Minister, Philemon Yang. (25.11.2012)


Norwegian delegation

On November 7 – 14th a Norwegian delegation consisting of George Kervel and Aleksander  Berg (GIEK), Peter Molthe (Norfund/Norad) and Eirik Wekre (MarshFirst), visited SunErgy in Cameroon in order to get information and learn more about  the project. The visit started in the capital Yaounde and included meetings with the Prime Minister of Cameroon, the Minister of Water Resources and Energy and the Minister of Finance. The delegation also participated the signing of the agreement with Magzi and SunErgy Cameroon on renting of land and buildings. While in Yaounde members of the delegation were interviewed on national television, national radio and national news papers. After Douala, the delegation visited Buea and the various villages participating in the project. (24.11.2012)

Sunergy delegation


Creating new jobs

Both Europe and Africa is struggling with high unemployment. Last figures from Spain shows a general unemployment of twenty per cent. Among the youth it is 52 percent. Similar figures from Africa also shows record unemployment; however, for different reason. Why Europe is “going downhill” and industries and governments are busy laying people off and downsize, Africa is “going uphill”, growing by leaps and bounds. The age groups thirty and under is over fifty percent of total population and growing. To keep up with the demand for new jobs seems almost impossible in spite of strong efforts. SunErgy wants to participate in job creation in Africa in cooperation with our African Partners, Nordic Entrepreneurship Institute and 2 Mites. Together we are arranging Entrepreneurship Training and offering micro credit to entrepreneurs participating in the seminar. In last seminar ninety persons participated with different business ideas, resulting in more than seven hundred new jobs, including agriculture, trading, transportation, building, etc. All for a fraction of the cost related to similar activities in Europe. The next  Entrepreneurship Training is scheduled for first quarter of 2013 with ninety persons invited to participate. According to Dr. Skjørshammer, managing director of  SunErgy “the sad news are that the need is tremendous and the number asking to participate is far more than we can accommodate, while the good news is that new jobs are created in record numbers and at record speed.” The Entrepreneurship Training consists of two weeks intensive training including lectures, practice and the writing of the final business plan and launching of the business. In addition to the availability of micro financing, the participants stick together after the training in the network established during the seminar. This network is in turn connected with the already existing network from previous seminars. SunErgy is also in the process of starting an incubator center which is planned up and running first quarter of 2013. “Africa is up and running. The statistics of the ten fastest growing economies in the world shows that eight are African countries”, according to Dr. Skjørshammer  “All bad myths, related to corruption, ill organized, lazy, poor, uneducated, political unstable and war ridden, etc.  is being blown away! Africa stands to be the next China or India. We want to be there and make our contribution to a successful and prosperous Africa. . This is the place to be! Soon more and more business will discover the opportunities and be flocking to the continent. The first ones are already there! The African people are headed for a prosperous and brighter future!” (04.11.2012)



Next Entrepreneurship training

“Next Entrepreneurship Training is planned for January 2013 with ninety participants from the first nine “SunErgy Villages” with their own business ideas. 2012 has been the year to make all things ready and put them in place”; according to the Board of Directors, “which has involved a lot of work in Norway, Cameroon and several other countries. All things have been successfully been put together. We are ready to proceed with vigor and determination.”  On November 9th SunErgy signed the agreement for its new head quarter with 6 000 m2 land and 950 m2 office, warehouse and a production facility outside the city of Buea. (20.10.2012)


Protocol Agreement with the Republic of Cameroon

On May 10th SunErgy signed Protocol Agreement with the Republic of Cameroon on solar power electrification of 92 villages in the Nbonge Sub-region. An estimated  350 000 people will have access not only to electricity but also Internet and Cable Television to electricity through this project. (15.10.2012)

One comment on “News 2012

  1. Nguajong Daniel says:

    From my little Bible knowledge, the first think God created was light. Being the first thing God created was to show case its importance, therefore, one can say beyond all reasonable doubts that light is life. This is synonymous to what the company “sunergy” is doing for the people of Cameroon. If “light is life”. supplying over 92 villages, with a population density of about 350 thousands inhabitants is a call for concern. I think this is a giant step geared towards fulfilling the president’s vision of an emerging economy of 2035, “res ipsa loquito”. May God bless the success of “sunergy”, more grease to their elbow.

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