During January and February Dr. Skjorshammer presented SunErgy at two important conferences in Norway.

The first presentation was at Pareto Securities Annual Power and Renewable Conference in Oslo on January 16th. The conference gathered some 500 key investors and energy people from Scandinavia. The topic of the presentation was “OFF GRID SOLAR POWER IN AFRICA”.

The second presentation was on February 16th at the NKIU (Næringslivets Konferanse for Internasjonalisering og Utvikling 2016/ Conference for Business Internationalization and Development 2016). This conference has a long-standing tradition, held annually at Norwegian Employers Association (NHO) Head Quarters in Oslo.  This is a joint arrangement between Norwegian Employers Association (NHO), Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), Innovation Norway, Veiledningskontoret and NORFUND. The conference, gathered more than 400 key representatives from governments, businesses and international help organizations.

“I felt honored and privileged for being given the opportunity at these two conferences to present SunErgy and our vision” Dr. Skjorshammer says and continues, “which is to give people access to the outside world and thus enabling them to escape poverty, moving into a brighter and more prosperous future. This we do through the introduction and offering of solar power, which gives access to cable TV and Internet, entrepreneurship training and micro credit that enables community-and business development and as a result increased standard of living,” Dr. Skjorshammer says, concluding “It should also be noted that this also holds another benefit, for all of us, namely the stopping of deforestation and climate change.”

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